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Movement Insights – our top three learnings so far…

September 11, 2019

Movement Insights ingests a range of movement, spend and social data-sets to give a clear picture of how a city, retailer or other physical space is performing and where the most effective interventions and campaigns might be to improve performance.

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of Movement Insights, our web-based dashboard piloted with our first client Bath Business Improvement District (BID). Movement Insights ingests a range of movement, spend and social data-sets to give a clear picture of how a city is performing and where the most effective interventions and campaigns might be to improve performance; be it spend on the High Street, attracting the right kind of visitors or helping long-term planning. 

Since then we’ve been speaking to a number of potential clients across a range of industries from cities to retailers, land owners, transport operators and tourist authorities about how a Movement Insights dashboard might be relevant for them. Here is a summary of our top three major findings to date:  

  1. Everyone knows that data is important but it’s difficult to know where to start and how to progress 

Of the vast array of potential clients we’ve spoken to, not one of them has said that collecting regular data for decision making and moving away from anecdotal evidence is a bad idea! It’s always on the to-do-list but often people are either struggling with taking the first step or have been burnt by solutions that have over-promised and under-delivered.  Different organisations are at different stages of their data journeys but they all agree that finding a company that can collect, blend and visualise complex data-sets into a simple tool is crucial and it’s a need that’s currently being underserved.  

  1. There’s no point in data for data’s sake - it’s all about getting to the ‘so what?’  

Understanding what is happening with accurate data in a city or physical space is the first step but to really become valuable (and hopefully invaluable) to our clients we need to quickly get beyond the ‘ah ha’ moment to something that can be campaigned upon. Our clients have seen data before, our challenge is to turn data into insights and turn insights into potential interventions that can improve performance. Proving out a good return on investment in data is vital and is a solid test for a company like ourselves.   

  1. Customers are looking for a partner, not a provider 

We’re quite a friendly bunch here at Movement Strategies and we think this is crucial as clients commit to a data-led decision making strategy. We’re all about understanding how humans behave - be that in a city, a stadium or a new shopping centre – and this requires a human approach as a company. Working hand-in-hand to plan a data journey or on how to draw out insight and plan campaigns is very much in our DNA, it always has been. It’s been a little surprising for us to sit with potential clients and listen to some of their data horror stories.  

As we get to the end of the beta period with our first Movement Insights customer, we’re now talking to a number of potential clients and are ready to grow. If the above three points ring bells with you, get in touch to discuss how a Movement Insights dashboard could help you and your business. 

“We’re struggling to know where to start and to get to real insight rather than just data, your solution is the best we’ve seen in the market and it’s reassuring that you’re a company we trust to be there for the journey.”
Commercial Property Developer
"We’ve looked everywhere for a solution that can collect, clean, blend and visualise key data sources. This is powerful insight that has the potential to change the way we run our business for the better."
Commercial Property Developer

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