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Valencia Basketball Arena

To provide input for the design of the visitor circulation


LICAMPA are constructing an 18,000-capacity multipurpose arena capable of hosting national and international sporting events with a key focus on Basketball for the Valencia Basket team. The venue will also be dynamic and flexible to enable the delivery of a wide range of entertainment, from international touring musicians to intimate family theatre shows.



2018 - present


Working with HOK, we were able to inform design choices a tan early stage with input from data collection and observations at the existing arena, and at existing facilities similar to the design such as Leeds First Direct Arena in the UK. Through observing events at these locations, we were able to provide key insights into how different phases of operation would function in the proposed design.

The observations we gathered also provided key inputs into our dynamic simulation models for the phases of operation; ingress, half-time, egress and emergency evacuation. These models were used to test elements of the design to verify provisions such as concourse and turnstiles widths and the number of turnstiles were sufficient, and to highlight where areas of high density would occur. This could then be reported to the design team to provide advice on future iterations of the layout. Once the concept design had been finalised these simulation models were used as a tool to further the understanding of the council planners who would ultimately approve the development.

We are able to frequently liaise with our engineering and construction partners on-site as well as the operations team at Valencia Basket. Our diverse employee base enables us to engage with stakeholders in their own language, which along with the engagement of all parties’facilities greater understanding for the project team. This continued approach will enable us to deliver tailored insights to our partners, giving them the information they require to address design issues in the ongoing project.


The concept design has been submitted to the Valencian council for approval. As this project progresses, we continue to liaise with HOK and their local partner to provide key feedback, advice and input into their development design. We look forward to seeing the outcome of our work with the successful delivery of this facility.

Image source: HOK