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Civic + Cultural

Making venues more enjoyable, resilient and successful


Our team has worked for designers, planners and operators of Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Museums, Expos and World Heritage sites, and gained global recognition for the quality of advice that we provide, making venues and events more enjoyable and more successful.

Better Visitor Experience

Civic + Cultural





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Our team recognises that the quality of a journey often does not primarily depend on the speed and duration of travel from A to B, but rather on the interaction between people and the built environment in the space between A and B. Thus, our work is concerned with spaces which are used by a diverse range of people and accommodate for a wide set of purposes, such as work, leisure, education, and exploration.

Our approach

The purpose, time, and duration of use can be as difficult to predict as the types of users. We address this challenge through established scientific quantitative methods, which we use against the backdrop of our extensive experience in understanding people movement in different settings. In this way, we create crucial input into the design, planning, and operations of public spaces to ensure they are a catalyst, not an obstacle, to civic and cultural life.


Typical services include:

  • ‍Defining visitor experience and comfort standards to reflect our clients’ aspiration for their venue;
  • Data monitoring and insights to deliver an evidence base of actual visitor behaviours and circulation patterns;
  • Detailed design advice and capacity assessments to determine space requirements, including circulation, dwelling and queuing spaces;
  • Visibility and connectivity analysis to understand legibility of space and wayfinding requirements;
  • Pedestrian flow analysis and simulation modelling to assess performance of designs or operational plans;
  • Operational planning and process optimisation advice to increase visitor service rates, capacities and resilience;
  • Evacuation modelling to assess and enhance performance in emergency situations.


We have worked with some of the most prestigious civic and cultural venues in the world, including:

  • Providing visitor demand and movement analysis for the Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage site attracting over 3 million visitors every year;
  • Advising on the redevelopment of the National Army Museum and Old Royal Naval College Greenwich in London;
  • Simulation modelling to ensure the UK Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo could handle forecast visitor numbers;
  • Design optimisation of a new learning and teaching block for Newcastle University.

Movement Strategies are proud members of Museums +Heritage
Movement Strategies are proud members of Museums +Heritage