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Daniel Marin

Managing Consultant


I am a managing consultant currently in charge of managing the project EDMOND (Estimating Demand from Mobile Network Data) with Telefonica, Jacobs and AECOM, a cutting-edge project delivered to TfL to enhance the origin destination matrices used in their transportation models. I am also in charge of pedestrian simulation projects and business development in France. Before this I was for seven years a public and private transportation modeller in the region of Paris.

At Movement Strategies I have taken part to the development of a mesoscopic simulation tool for pedestrian evacuation studies that has been used in multiscale projects, from stadium concourses to a whole neighbourhood in London (see tool description here).

I also took part to mobile data analysis projects in order to understand journeys and behaviours of music festival spectators.

What moves you?

I love mixing mathematical theory, computation abilities and people movement analysis to understand motion at every scale. This is what Movement Strategies enables me to do: span from theoretical models to real world applications.

I’m also very interested in discovering new technologies and see how we can develop business by bringing new insights using those.

Finally, as a travel lover I’m always keen on meeting new partners in France, UK and abroad in order to broaden our mind in terms of human and working relations.

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