Helping you respond to Covid-19

Covid-19 response and Social Distancing Solutions

Movement Strategies has the experience, expertise and tools to help your organisation respond to Covid-19 and help you get your facility or public space operating more safely and efficiently or re-open.

As experts in people flow we can help you develop targeted changes to asset design, process, or behaviour. We can also quantify and demonstrate the impact to stakeholders of proposed changes to keep people safe and comply with guidance – for example using our intelligent camera systems, WiFi analytics or updated simulation software that visualises and quantifies the impact of social distancing changes. Our Covid-19 focused services include:

  • Consultancy to assess the integrated design, process and behaviour in an environment and recommend solutions or develop them with you
  • Analytical tools to assess proposed design or process options using our experience and expertise
  • Analysis of your existing data or help collect movement data using a variety of technologies (CCTV and intelligent cameras, BLE, RFID, UWB and WiFi)
  • Provision of  anonymised and aggregated movements around the UK and other territories
  • Simulation of people flow to quantify and demonstrate the impact of change (for example, see below)

Movement Strategies is already helping hospitals, construction sites and cultural venues with social distancing solutions. They can be applied to high streets, manufacturing, transport or any facility trying to operate during these difficult times. Our Analytics teams are helping the UK Government to understand the movement of people and vehicles.


You can read more about how we are supporting Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust in their planning of Covid-19 social distancing strategies here.
Simulation technology for social distancing

The maps below were derived from simulations of the entrance floor of a building with an entrance lobby leading to lifts and café. In the left hand model the café is open and in the right hand model the café is shut.

The maps indicate the average number of people, within the social distance threshold of each other at each point in the building entrance and café over time. In this example, the map shows the average number of people within 2m of each point and indicates this on a scale between zero (blue) to two people (red):

To find out more about our social distancing solutions in your asset or facility, please email or call our office on + 44 20 3540 8520 – we’re not in the office but you will be redirected and we will get back to you.

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