Maximising learning space, in-class time and safety in universities, schools and libraries

Carefully thought-through people movement advice optimises the use of space, making it efficient and comfortable. Applying our unrivalled experience of people movement, we maximise learning space, in-class time and safety in universities, schools and libraries.


Our approach considers design and concept of operations in the context of project objectives and intended operation of the facility as well as the physical attributes of the space.

We add value by combining our global expertise of crowd dynamics, across hundreds of sites, with meaningful data and our understanding of people to recommend realistic solutions that support safe and efficient operations in educational establishments.


Our insight and advice can be applied to a whole campus; assessing patterns of people movement, testing demand scenarios and making recommendations for enhancements to the design and/or management for all users.

Alternatively, we can address a specific question, for example, how many turnstiles are needed for the library, what are the security staff requirements, can evacuation be managed safely, and can target changeover times be achieved?

Our services include:

  • Understanding the concept of operations for diverse users (i.e. students, staff and visitors) through data collection, analysis and insight
  • Ensuring that the building meets relevant design standards in line with the clients’ aspiration for the different user groups, legal and regulatory requirements and industry standards for comfort and safety
  • Desktop analysis to assess the design/operation of a building, using a range of tools including qualitative and quantitative assessment, to identify any opportunities to improve the performance of ingress, egress, internal and vertical circulation
  • Analysis of areas subject to specific flows or types of activity e.g., catering facilities, pinch-points, learning facilities and information (wayfinding support and visibility analysis)
  • 2D video modelling and analysis of key circulation areas, during peak periods, using Legion Spaceworks to better understand journey times and density profiles using Fruin’s Level of Service outputs
  • 3D Pathfinder visualisation of people movement by different users, at peak cross-over times, to inform better decision making.

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