About us

"One of the reasons I started Movement Strategies was because I knew that there would be more cities and they would become larger, more central to human life, and more crowded. As a result, transport systems and infrastructure have to work harder, land values have increased, and the efficient use of space is a priority. Increasing wealth partly brought about by urbanisation has also created the desire and opportunities for sports, entertainment, culture and travel. Optimising these places and spaces for people that use them has been our core activity for over a decade...

At the same time as increasing global urbanisation, the explosion of data and advancing technology provide the tools to help plan and manage our cities and assets more effectively.

Since 2005 Movement Strategies has not only become established as the leading People Movement consultancy, but it has evolved to also become leaders in the collection, analysis and use of movement data.

Movement Strategies is now in a unique place, combining unrivalled experience and expertise in designing and managing for the built environment with leading edge capability in using new and rich types of data to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients."

Simon Ancliffe
Founder and Executive Director

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