The science + art of people movement

How people flow and behave is critical to the successful operation and performance of most buildings, places and events. However, human dynamics are not always considered during design nor measured and planned for during operation.

An integrated design and operations approach to people systems creates environments that are well balanced and user-centric. This transforms the way people use places, drives better business performance, and improves survivability in emergencies.

We combine pioneering research and leading people movement consultancy to meet our clients' challenges, and deliver bespoke, thoughtful, evidence-based and practical solutions.

From stadia to hospitals, airports to universities, construction sites to masterplans, we improve the use of space, enhance user experience, and deliver efficiencies that increase productivity and profitability. We deliver high-impact research trusted by government, leading authorities and business and set industry standards and best practice.

Our team of researchers and consultants is the largest group of movement and behaviour specialists globally. The depth of our expertise is unrivalled. We have enhanced some of the most complex people systems in the world as well as the performance of buildings and places that serve our communities.  

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