When rail commuters return from their Covid-enforced isolation the redeveloped Glasgow Queen Street station will be there to welcome them – a building whose design is shaped by their movement.

An extract from a Scotsman article: Putting people at the heart of transport design

By Edward Dymock, 13th July 2021

Glasgow Queen Street, the third busiest station in Scotland, has been redeveloped to support greener travel and increased footfalls. Its ability to cope with significant increases in passenger numbers will aid the transition from polluting cars to green electric trains. To achieve its increased capacity on a constrained city centre site, the architecture of its new concourse is shaped by the movement of the people that will use it.

A station concourse has two primary, and often contradictory, roles: to allow people to move and also to congregate. To allow efficient movement we created a legible architecture that considers the passengers’ desired routes. Better still, the architecture is shaped to provide reassuring visibility of their destination.

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Image: The Scotsman