Movement Strategies is delighted to announce Dr Peter Thompson has recently joined the team.

Dr. Peter Thompson has recently joined Movement Strategies after 8 years at Autodesk. He has taken up the role of Executive Advisor working within the Movement Consulting team. During his time at Autodesk he worked on both cloud-based energy optimisation tools and analytical tools for Revit. He was instrumental in developing the “Path of Travel” and “People Flow Toolkit” Revit features, while also contributing to Revit MEP tools, including systems analysis and energy analytical modelling.

He has a PhD in modelling crowd movement and lectures on BIM and evacuation modelling at Lund University in the Division of Fire Safety Engineering, where he shares his 20+ years of knowledge and experience of developing dynamic simulation tools based on data-rich 3D environments.

Pete aims to leverage his experience of 3D modelling, people-movement and simulation platforms to initially help with developing the “Wildland Urban Interface in Unity (WUI-NITY)” international project, leading onto other in-depth simulation projects, and go on to develop new research opportunities and enhance training activities.