There is no greater proof that People Make Glasgow than to see the city without its crowds. The city centre has been dormant, feeling like a stage without a play. Now, the commuters and shoppers are returning from their Covid-enforced isolation and the redeveloped Glasgow Queen Street station is there to welcome them

An extract from PBC today: Glasgow Queen Street: Shaped by movement

By Edward Dymock, 13th October 2021

Cities are, when they work well, efficient systems for living and therefore play an important role in our fight against climate change. It is in all our interests that our cities remain busy centres for living, commerce and leisure. Investment in our cities and their infrastructure must both facilitate and promote a greener way of life. To achieve both these things on its constrained city centre site, Glasgow Queen Street’s new architecture and design have been shaped by the movement of the people that will use it.

Supporting greener travel

Glasgow Queen Street, the third busiest station in Scotland, has been redeveloped to support greener travel and celebrate its city. The station has been expanded to cope with significant increases in passenger numbers, aiding the transition from car to green electric trains. Its dramatic new concourse encourages this transport choice.

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Image: PBC today (who credit Nick Caville)