Movement Strategies have joined the the TravelSpirit network, a highly dynamic collaborative community project.

The TravelSpirit Foundation was established to accelerate the adoption of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) systems that integrate discovery, booking, and payment of multi-modal transport service offerings under an open marketplace. Rather than simply lobbying cities to adopt such systems on their own, we are building a global network of companies, cities, and communities connected through MaaS solutions that are based on shared open innovation practices, thereby enabling a truly global marketplace built on a cohesive open architecture, and leveraging open data. We are looking well beyond travel options aggregators and local contactless payment systems. We want to build a global marketplace system, where all available mobility services can be found, booked, and utilized regardless of a user's location and means.

To be successful, this will require an architecture that can adapt to regional differences in data availability and regulatory environment. To that end, we've started documenting different services and practices from around the world to begin modelling the architecture. We are seeking development partners that can offer a diverse range of Inter-regional / inter-jurisdictional conditions, multiple transport modes, and service providers across urban / suburban / rural communities.

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