We have partnered with Autodesk to share the latest design methods and technologies in a live webinar panel discussion on Wednesday 9th September 2020 16:00 BST / 8:00 PCT

Adapting to the Next Normal: Practical Design for Social Distancing

As the world changes around us, business leaders are transforming the way their companies work and innovate. Businesses had to quickly adapt to large-scale remote work, but the world's leading companies are now designing the workplace of the future.

Organisations globally are being tasked with reshaping their facilities and operations to enable creativity, collaboration, and success in a new socially-distanced setting. Not only will this require a deep knowledge of one's industry, but also an informed understanding of the pedestrian dynamics that will enable a safe and productive workplace.

We have partnered with Autodesk, the world leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, to bring you the latest design methods and technologies — in two unique ways.

First, we've produced a detailed one-hour video that explains the technical side of these recommended design methods. This video is for you to share with your company's senior-level project architects, civil engineers, site planners, and facility managers. The approaches described will help you operate your facilities safely and efficiently. You can access the video HERE.

For executives and high-level strategists, we are hosting a live panel discussion on Wednesday, 9 September 2020 16:00 BST / 8:00 PCT.

Join us for a conversation facilitated by Susan Etlinger, TED speaker and Senior Analyst at Altimeter. The conversation will feature Dr. Aoife Hunt (Associate Director) and Prof. Steve Gwynne (Research Lead) from Movement Strategies alongside Dr. Pete Thompson (Senior Principal Engineer) from Autodesk, as they provide expertise on the strategies and policy implications of design for social distancing.

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Susan Etlinger | Industry Analyst | Altimeter Group

Susan is an industry analyst with Altimeter Group, where she focuses on data and analytics. She conducts independent research and has authored two intriguing reports: “The Social Media ROI Cookbook” and “A Framework for Social Analytics.” She also advises global clients on how to work measurement into their organizational structure and how to extract insights from the social web which can lead to tangible actions. Read more...


Dr. Aoife Hunt | Associate Director | Movement Strategies

Aoife is an Associate Director and leading specialist in people flow analysis. She has 12 years of experience in simulating pedestrian dynamics and completed an award-winning PhD in evacuation modelling. Aoife has led numerous high-profile projects and delivered innovative technical solutions to analyse the movement and behaviour of people in buildings, stadia, and transport systems across the world.

Prof. Steve Gwynne | Research Lead | Movement Strategies

Steve has over 25 years of experience in evacuation and pedestrian dynamics, particularly in the simulation of evacuation from fire emergencies. He has worked for the Canadian and U.S. governments, academic institutes internationally and in consultancy addressing aviation, maritime, rail, built environments and urban-scale applications. Steve is the Research Lead, co-ordinating R&D work and developing links with research and academic institutes

Dr. Pete Thompson | Senior Principal Engineer |Autodesk

Pete has over 28 years of experience in evacuation modelling, pedestrian dynamics and different forms of dynamic simulation. He wrote the pedestrian movement model Simulex for his PhD, and now works within the Autodesk Revit development team, specializing in multiple aspects of building performance and pedestrian pathway analysis. He maintains an active role in research for pedestrian movement with his connections and work at Lund University.