Bank Monument Station

Bank Station upgrade, to improve customer journeys


Bank Monument Station is the fourth busiest Underground Station in London. To future proof the station against strong demand growth, and ever more frequent control and closure measures, TfL launched the inaugural Innovative Contractor Engagement process for the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade in 2012. The Bank Monument Station Upgrade was required to provide a long term solution to the issues this vital transport hub was facing, and placed renewed focus on the value and the performance of the proposed scheme. Movement Strategies transportation planning team have been at the decision-making heart of the Dragados-led project team since 2012. We are responsible for two of the project’s five Core Requirements: congestion relief and journey time reduction.





2014 - Present


Our solution for Monument Bank Station seeks to improve the journeys of the greatest number of London Underground’s customers using the Station. It recognises that to provide genuinely long term solutions and benefits to customers, the severe congestion already affecting central parts of the station must be resolved.

We took a first principles approach to problem solving; by gathering all available data on passenger demand, movement patterns and behaviours, our transport planning team we developed a robust understanding of why the issues that affect Monument Bank Station materialise. We could then prioritise key strategic interventions that maximise benefits: capacity, directness of routes and operational flexibility. Through intelligent Movement design practices we were able to release capacity from existing routes and attracted passengers onto new routes.

Our scope of work included:

  • Design developments: identification of problems; workshops and problem solving; stakeholder interaction; construction phase management and mitigation.
  • Quantitative analysis: pedestrian simulation modelling; static assessment; compliance with standards.
  • Contract compliance: ensuring what Dragados delivers matches, or betters, the congestion and journey time criteria set in the Project contract.
  • Stakeholders: presentation of findings; influencing the team; safeguarding performance.


The Monument Bank Station Upgrade scheme will improve the cost benefit ratio of the project by almost 50% and reduce construction cost by about £100m, compared to the original ‘Reference Case’ developed by London Underground. Government approval was granted with no objections and the new station will open in 2021.

Our areas of responsibility – congestion relief and journey time reduction – totalled 35% of the overall contract award assessment criteria and remain the most important markers by which the project is deemed compliant and successful.

“Movement Strategies continues to provide expert pedestrian-flow advice as design moves towards construction. Their ability to communicate clearly and concisely has been appreciated and his presentation of the right information at the right time has been highly persuasive. Movement Strategies continue to successfully deliver against a broad remit in a timely fashion. In doing so they continue to influence the world class product the Bank Station Upgrade is, and will be”.
Danny Duggan,
Rail Director at Dragados

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