High Street Banks

Using mobile network data to provide analytics for High Street Banks


Banks are a fixture of high streets all over the country. However, with online banking now mainstream, the way customers use banks is changing. Movement Strategies was commissioned to help our client better understand the behaviour of customers in relation to a specific branch in a London commuter town. The insights gained would be used to optimise operations, staffing to match the profile of the passing crowd and opening hours to maximise convenience for customers.



2014 - present


We used our expertise in extracting and manipulating mobile network data to understand arrivals, departures and dwell times of anonymised mobile users. The insights enabled the Bank to trial and test operational changes, to maximise opportunities for customers to interact with staff. We used mobile data to understand the movement of customers who use and pass the specific branch being assessed. Home-based work journeys were assessed to understand which alternative branches may also be convenient for the customers. The data was manipulated and re-shaped to create strong visual outputs conveying visitor volumes by hour, visitor profiles and supporting data.


We provided our findings to the Board to inform changes for the better, for both the Bank and the customer.

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