Dr Aoife Hunt and Simon Ancliffe will be co-presenting at The Security Institute annual conference on "planning for Large Crowds: Before, During and After the Pandemic"

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By The Security Institute, October 2021

We are proud that Aoife Hunt  and Simon Ancliffe  are co presenting at our Annual Conference on October 28th

For many years, planning for crowd safety focused on the risk of congestion and crush, threats from fire and hostile actors, and the management of disorder and emergency incidents. Since the start of the pandemic, another dimension has been introduced - the need to consider the risk of virus transmission.

Dr Aoife Hunt is a leading specialist in people movement and emergency planning. She has 13 years’ experience in simulating human behaviour and crowd dynamics and completed an award-winning PhD in evacuation modelling. Simon Ancliffe is the founder and Executive Director of people flow and analytics company Movement Strategies (a GHD company) - the largest crowd dynamics and simulation consultancy in the world and a leader in the analysis and application of anonymised movement and behaviour data. In their presentation they will discuss how owners and operators plan for crowded spaces in normal and emergency conditions, highlight some of the latest research findings and explain why the current guidance should always be taken in context.

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