The Glasgow Queen Street Station redevelopment is part of the £742 million Scottish government’s Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) to upgrade the intercity rail infrastructure to provide an 8 million passenger capacity increase by 2030.

Construction phasing has now started, with expected completion of Spring 2018. This includes the lengthening of platforms to accommodate eight-car trains and the rearrangement of the existing concourse area.

Movement Strategies was commissioned by the multi-disciplinary design team at an early stage to provide passenger flow advice and to enhance the design concepts. We were tasked with analysing and assessing the proposals at each design stage, from a customer experience, station capacity and safety perspective.   

Our analysis evaluated different modes of operation and helped to enhance design performance, to ensure the required level of comfort and safety is delivered for the passengers and staff.

We also provided an assessment of station layouts during the demolition and construction phases developed by the project team to identify any potential issues or capacity constraints or passenger safety concerns.