Experimentarium City

To advise on Design and Operations for Experiementarium City


Experimentarium City is a science and technology centre and museum located in Copenhagen, which attracts about 350,000 visitors each year. There is a proposal to relocate the centre to a new site and the visitor demand is expected to increase by 30% when this happens. Movement Strategies was engaged to provide detailed analysis, dynamic simulation, design and operational advice and to support the rationalisation of several design concepts into a preferred design which was chosen based on quantitative evidence of performance.





By considering the museum as a system of visitor touchpoints which are all interlinked, we were able to identify how the complete system would function and where the architect might look to optimise and balance the circulation system to maximise throughput. We developed micro-simulation models (using Legion pedestrian simulation software) to assess the performance of different layouts and operational configurations with respect to comfort and visitor experience. This supported the selection of a preferred option and led to a number of design and operational recommendations that informed the development of the scheme, notably in terms of the number and design of entry/exit gates, the preferred ticketing system and the management of school groups.


Our analysis emphasised the importance of museum operations, in particular the visitor ‘welcome’ into the lobby space (staff presence, clear wayfinding signage) and the entry process (ease of access, ticket purchase and collection). We suggested promoting pre-sales for individuals and families and a time booking system for groups in order to reduce waiting times at the entrance and ensure a pleasant experience of the Experimentarium upon arrival.

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