Sympathetic, tailored solutions that enhance visitor experience and comfort for unique venues

Our specialist people movement advice has positively influenced the design and operation of historic venues, UNESCO sites (Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle) museums (Natural History Museum of Denmark, National Army Museum) and visitor attractions globally (Milan 2015 Expo, Dubai Expo). We appreciate the uniqueness of each venue and our diverse, experienced team considers the cultural subtleties and attitudes that can influence visitor perception and behaviour.


We work in partnership with our clients and design teams to realise their aspirations for memorable visitor experiences by optimising safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Our holistic approach to people movement planning and design provides a tailored methodology for each venue. We combine meaningful data, innovative technology and expert insight to inform decision making.

Our bespoke solutions contribute to the success of venues and attractions by enhancing the quality of the visit and reputation; setting visitor and comfort standards and creating efficiencies in people movement and circulation.

Working with world-class venues and attractions globally, we tailor our solutions to site specific requirements accounting for local context, culture and design.

We add value at every stage of the life cycle from construction, design to operational. We support short-term ‘quick-win’ enhancements that improve existing operations and longer-term design interventions that future-proof venues.

Our specialist people movement services and advice have numerous applications including:

  • Defining visitor experience and comfort standards that are fit-for-purpose for different user groups and reflect our clients’ aspiration, legal and regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Collating and collecting an evidence base of actual visitor behaviours and circulation patterns from existing and new data to inform operational decisions and management plans
  • Detailed design advice and capacity assessments to determine space requirements, including circulation, dwelling and queuing spaces to balance people movement
  • Assessing and advising on design requirements for sanitary facilities so that provision is optimised and waiting times reduced
  • Visibility and connectivity analysis to understand and improve legibility of space and wayfinding requirements
  • Pedestrian flow analysis and simulation modelling to assess performance of designs or operational plans to improve safety, comfort and efficiency
  • Operational planning and process optimisation advice to increase visitor service rates, capacities and resilience
  • Evacuation modelling to assess and enhance performance in emergency situations.

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