Our easy-to-use cloud-based platform that provides actionable insights from combined location and spend based Big Data.


Movement Insights is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that provides
stakeholders with unprecedented access to a rich array of proprietary data sets
which are brought together within our platform and made available via a web-based portal.

What are the benefits?

Movement Insights offers the ability to:

  • Answer complex questions (it's not just data, it's insight)
  • Track performance regularly rather than one off studies
  • Measure and predict the impact of change and campaigns
  • Satisfy and influences key stakeholders with evidence

All whilst making big data simple and accessible.

What makes us different is our ability to access, clean and analyse these complex data sets using our proven expertise and bespoke algorithms addressing a range of Use cases.

Powerful analytics

Our bespoke platform and tools allow you to compare and contrast internal and external data sets using a range of analytical features.

Unique and proprietary data sets

Access a range of bespoke and proprietary data sets, which we source via our relationships with Data Owners, to build an accurate view on consumer behaviours and trends. 

Unrivalled insights

Automated summaries are generated to draw out the key trends and the most important metrics.

Outstanding support 

We have a skilled and experienced team which will be on hand to support you from getting set up, to providing support you may require when using the platform. 



Cities and towns centres need to rise to the challenges of dramatic changes in footfall and consumer habits. Our solution arms key stakeholders with insights to make evidence-based decisions to improve high street experiences and create resilience. By combining visitor information, online and offline spend as well as a range of other data sets, a clear picture emerges that can drive improved marketing, place making and city-wide campaign planning.


Our solution draws on rich data sets, potentially including Point of Sale (PoS) data, to deliver integrated and real time analysis for a high street, shopping centre or retailer.  The ability to recognise and respond to performance, shopper behaviour and emerging trends is crucial to making effective and timely decisions in this sector.

Visitor attractions

Developing a deep understanding of customers who are visiting attractions, stadia and events is crucial to deliver an improved experience. Movement Insights combines a number of rich data-sets that can help attractions better understand visitor catchment, visitor segmentation, travel itineraries and how best to deliver compelling marketing propositions.


Our solution seamlessly brings together an array of important data sets to enable performance measurement and optimisation of these facilities. Passengers now expect modern transport hubs which efficiently and comfortably connect them to places, as well as being destinations in their own right. Changeable conditions and high influxes of passengers, coupled with constrained capacity can impact this experience. 

Client Stories

Your solution pulls together such high-quality data sets – it’s very exciting to be the first BID to use Movement Insights. BATH BID, CEO

Bath bid

The challenge

Bath BID wanted to build a detailed insights base on visitors and spend in their City. This was deemed crucial to inform Bath’s decision making and improve performance of the High Street on behalf of their levy payers.

Priorities for Bath were to:

  • Develop a clearer understanding of the relationship between footfall and spend as online continues to have an impact on High Street performance
  • Understand the effectiveness of events to attract visitors from different catchments and increase dwell times & spend
  • Improve the targeting of their marketing spend to attract high value visitors
  • Improve wayfinding and placemaking


Bath BID have actively been using the Movement Insights dashboard from April 2019 and have seen a positive impact. With the data they have been able to better understand the dynamics of the High Street and improve campaign activity and priorities.