Dr Aoife Hunt, Associate Director at Movement Strategies spoke with The Athletic about the return of spectators to sports grounds.

An extract from The Athletic article "Explained: How football will welcome fans back to stadiums"

By Matt Slater and Chris Waugh

15 August 2020

A mathematician by training, Dr Aoife Hunt has spent the last decade studying how people move through busy places such as airports, hospitals and train stations. She is one of the UK’s leading authorities on evacuation modelling, using data and software to work out the safest ways to get us out of buildings in a hurry.

But in recent weeks, Hunt has been studying a different type of evacuation.

“I have learned a lot about urinal behaviour — which isn’t something I thought I would ever have to say,” Dr Hunt tells The Athletic. “Maintaining social distancing with those big troughs is going to be difficult. And then you have the handwashing, which we want to encourage but I’m told is not something many fans have been doing...

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