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Tottenham Hotspur FC

Design, crowd simulation and modelling and crowd safety for the new Tottenham Hotspur FC Stadium


Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has commissioned the design and construction of a new 62,062-seat stadium for football, NFL and concerts on a site adjacent to the former White Hart Lane Stadium. This will feature the largest single tier stand in the UK, creating a great atmosphere for spectators. Movement Strategies has been advising Tottenham Hotspur FC, and its architect Populous, on the new stadium and surrounding masterplan since 2008. Our work to ensure crowd safety and security has been central to the masterplan, detailed design, and delivery of this project. The ambitious new 62,062-seat stadium features a retractable pitch to support NFL games, concerts and other non-football uses and together with a hotel, extreme sports centre, museum and shop replaces the former 37,000-seat stadium. The Club’s development also includes a supermarket, college and health centre. While the footprint of the new stadium is larger than the previous build, the ambitious multi venue master plan and the requirements for crowd safety, and new requirements for public security, mean the design and operation has to ‘work hard’. A further challenge is to build the new stadium while continuing to operate the old on the same site.


Tottenham Hotspur FC

2008 - present


Our work informed:

  • Crowd modelling and simulation inside and outside the stadium for ingress, egress, and emergency evacuation conditions. This work has informed the masterplan, detailed design (bowl, vertical circulation, concourse areas, landscape etc.) and planning approvals
  • Crowd safety and risk advice for the operation of the former stadium during multi-phase construction operations
  • Concept of operations for enhanced security regime for football and NFL supported by crowd simulation
  • Crowd safety and risk assessment to support the successful case for the demolition of heritage buildings
  • Concept of operations for VIP entry arrangements
  • Food & beverage service supported by crowd simulations
  • Compliance with public safety guidance
  • Transport data collection and analysis for the Transport Plan and Transport Assessment, underpinning the planning approval
  • Detailed design advice
  • Design standards and requirements.


Our innovative crowd safety and risk assessment work secured the demolition of listed heritage buildings, which was a key issue in delivering the 2015 planning permission.

Our input and expert advice has greatly influenced the detailed design of the stadium, including many aspects of the seating bowl,vertical circulation, food & beverage areas, security screening areas and external landscape.

Our crowd modelling and simulation has fundamentally influenced the stadium design, and that of the podium on which it sits. We provided assurance to the Club and its many stakeholders that the stadium is both safe and secure.

Our work defined the footprint for enabling commercial development by the Club, and for the adjacent masterplan for the regeneration of the wider Tottenham area.

The former stadium continued to operate safely while construction of the new stadium was carried out around it. We helped to develop the plans and were responsible for gaining a safety licence to operate, while maximising capacity.

We have worked on behalf of the Club to ensure that the transport network is capable of accommodating the increase in spectator numbers. This has resulted in the delivery of a successful planning application and also informed the re-design of key transport interchanges serving the ground.