Managing Director, Simon Babes, has been appointed to the Railway Industry Association (RIA) Board. Simon joins the Board, which includes Chief Executives and Senior Directors from across the rail industry, as Chair of the SME Group where he leads activities promoting the role of RIA’s small and medium sized members.

Darren Caplan, Chief Executive of the Railway Industry Association (RIA) said:

"We are delighted that Simon Babes, Managing Director of RIA member Movement Strategies, has taken up the appointment or RIA SME Group Chair and a place on the RIA Board, as SME representative.
More than 60% of RIA members are SMEs, and they are vital to a successful and growing UK rail sector and supply chain. So Simon's
involvement will be crucial to both ensuring SMEs inform RIA's agenda and in making sure SME members are aware of RIA's work on their behalf too. 

Speaking on his appointment, Simon Babes said:

“It’s great to join the RIA Board, particularly in my capacity as SME Group Chair. SMEs in the rail industry are leading the way in terms of innovation and collaboration, but are also often the first to be hit by issues like skills shortages or inconsistent rail funding. I look forward to working with RIA to ensure the voice of SMEs are heard by industry leaders and decision makers across the rail sector.”