Movement Strategies has been commissioned to provide design and operation advice for four pavilions for the Dubai Expo 2020.

1. Netherlands Pavilion
Inspired by water, energy and food. The Structure will be built using locally sourced materials that will be recycled after the Expo.

2. UAE Pavilion
Designed in the shape of a falcon in flights. The pavilion tells a story about the history of the nation and the ambitious plans for the future.

3. DP World Pavilion
Partnering with the Dubai Expo, DP World will be connecting countries to use ports in their home countries.

4. UK Pavilion
Inspired by Stephen Hawking. The Pavilion will feature an illuminated "message to space" made up of numerous AI-generated poems.
The UK Pavilion is designed by award-winning designer, Es Devlin OBE.

For further information see Expo 2020 Dubai: www.expo2020dubai.com

We are providing visitor flow advice to all four Pavilions to ensure that the requirements for visitor movements are safe, comfortable and integrated into the overall design.

Work on previous Expos include:
UK Pavilion for Astana Expo 2017
UK Pavilion for Milan Expo 2015