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A guide to social distancing solutions in the workplace

April 24, 2020

Dr. Aoife Hunt, Associate Director with Movement Strategies (A GHD Company), provides measurable insights and actionable advice on social distancing measures is this short video.

We are committed to getting people and businesses moving again safely and efficiently. So what can we do to increase throughput or to reconfigure a space to get more people back into their workplaces?

Dr. Aoife Hunt, Associate Director with GHD company Movement Strategies, provides you with the measurable insights and actionable advice that you need to plan your social distancing measures in order to reduce risk of transmission and also ensure compliance with the latest advice and guidance.

In this short video Dr. Hunt discusses:

  • Key decisions to reshape and to reorganize facilities around new ways of working
  • Benefits of a new infrastructure or new systems and the changes to target and implement first
  • Building a resilient future

For more information contact info@movementstrategies.com