We were commissioned in early 2015 by Quintain to provide support across a wide range of design and operational workstreams associated with the development of the Masterplan for Wembley Park.

The 12,500 capacity, SSE Arena, Wembley sits at the heart of the Wembley Park Masterplan near to the National Stadium which is used over 40 times a year for football, concerts and other events attracting up to 90,000 spectators. The key challenge for Quintain has been to ensure that the emerging designs, facilities, events and construction activities in the area safeguard the visitor experience; by maintaining sufficient capacity to safely accommodate event related crowds.

As the Masterplan has continued to evolve, we have undertaken a wide range of analytical tasks to underpin the plans for individual sites as they are progressed.

Quintain have successfully secured a series of planning approvals, where our work has been an important part of the process.

Major improvements will have been delivered across the site by the time Wembley Stadium hosts the European Championship semifinals and finals, scheduled for July 2020.

"Movement Strategies’ support, advice and guidance has been invaluable to us. They have been a vital cog in our preparation ahead of submitting documents to secure planning permissions and have contributed hugely across the Masterplan on; design & assurance,operational planning, signage & overlays, crowd simulations and in our stakeholder engagements. Their hands-on experience with many of the UK’s major events has been vital and their knowledge of crowd movement and behaviour indispensable to the ongoing success of our rapidly emerging Masterplan."
James Saunders,
Chief Operating Officer, Quintain