We are delighted by the news that the planning applications for Tottenham Hotspur and AFC Wimbledon’s new stadia were both approved this week, thanks to consultancy from Movement Strategies.

We are retained crowd movement consultants on both projects.

In the case of Tottenham Hotspur FC we have been advising the Club for a number of years on the masterplan and design of the stadium. As the Tottenham Hotspur FC announcement explains:

“A key driver of the design of the revised scheme has been to address and improve crowd safety and crowd flow issues along the High Road…the knowledge now that crowd flows can be made even safer has driven the new designs and plans.”

These stadia's are fantastic legacy projects for both clubs, as well as vital for the regeneration of the local areas. It will be hugely exciting to see them both develop. Read news coverage of both applications and the club statements here:

AFC Wimbledon