The Yas Arena will be the first multi-purpose arena in Abu Dhabi and will be the anchor for the East end of Yas Bay.

HOK and its client, Miral Asset Management, wanted the Arena to be modern highly functional, space efficient, and flexible – and thus able to accommodate a wide range of sports and entertainment events and capacities.

As the leading people movement consultancy in, Movement Strategies were able to qualitatively and quantitatively assess crowd movement and visitor experience for the range of
intended event modes to optimise visitor experience, operational functionality and build cost, while achieving the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code.

We worked from Concept through to Schematic Design to:

  • Ensure adherence to UAE and international standards and best practice;
  • Undertake static analysis and crowd simulations of ingress, egress, and evacuation phases of venue operations to test and refine suggested designs;
  • Provide design advice on secure design, crowd safety, and security screening operations; and
  • Report findings and recommendations to high profile stakeholders. 
“Movement Strategies have been an integral and important part of our team from the start of the design process.  
The experiential quality of the event goer is one of the focal points of the design. Movement Strategies have helped design a safe but efficient environment, where people matter.  
The combination of scientific modelling and specialist experience has been an invaluable asset to the design decision-making process. This has created economic value and enhanced the patron’s experience.”
John Rhodes, HOK Senior Vice President, Director of Sport & Entertainment