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Planning + Licensing

We develop analysis and evidence to support planning, licensing and safety certification to help maximise capacity and deliver new and refurbished assets.

For the planning of new assets and infrastructure, we provide expert advice to the design team, often demonstrating what is required (in terms of space and management) to safely and comfortably accommodate anticipated people movement behaviour. This includes assessing proposals in the light of regulatory requirements or industry guidance (such as the Green Guide). When these new developments submit planning applications, we often contribute to the Design and Access Statement or the Transport Assessment. We can also act as an Expert Witness for Planning Enquiry.

Our work also supports the safety licensing process. We support venue/event operators throughout the project lifecycle to define plans that can assure spectator or visitor safety, and to demonstrate that to those responsible for signing off the license – i.e. the Local Authority. We often engage with Safety Advisory Groups – a multi-agency body associated with a venue to have an ongoing understanding of safety issues and how these affect the license.

Examples of projects

  • We helped London 2012 Olympics’ planning of events and guided through the licensing of the expectations of people flow.
  • We assisted with the entry process for Ministry of Sound, ensuring minimal impact was made to residents in the local area.

Team members